2023-2024 Professional Liability Insurance


Coverage for Liability Insurance is effective: 7/1/2023 – 8/31/2024


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    I acknowledge and agree that: I understand and accept the risk of injury, paralysis, and death, resulting from my participation in the aforementioned program. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS and full responsibility for my participation; and, I willingly agree to comply with the rules, terms and conditions of participation. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs,assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS the sponsoring Arena or League and the ISI, their officers, officials, agents and/or employees, instructors, coaches, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors , advertisers, and, if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used for the activity ("Releasees"), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY , DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property associated with my presence or participation, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
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  • Code of Ethics

    A Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is hereby adopted to the end that the public respect, safety, and the status of the association members in the coaching profession may be enhanced and secured. The ethical principles are to be followed to avoid all actual or perceived impropriety. The following Code of Ethics shall govern the conduct of members of the Ice Sports Industry. Any complaint concerning any breach thereof shall be considered by the Ethics Committee according to the procedures that are adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Ice Sports Industry. Disciplinary action for an ethics rule violation includes private or public admonition, suspension, expulsion, or permanent expulsion from membership of the Ice Sports Industry. Members of the Ice Sports Industry (hereafter referred to as “Members”), shall at all times exercise the greatest care and discretion in their relationships with other members, athletes, and act in a manner which avoids verbal, mental, emotional, physical, or sexual misconduct of any athlete, coach, parent, or official./ . No Member shall represent themselves using false or deceptive statements intended to mislead. In order to protect the safety and development of athletes, no Member shall engage in any in-person solicitation of an athlete while the athlete is actively engaged in a lesson or while “performing.” “Performing” means skating or preparing to skate in an event at an arena in a test, competition, or exhibition, and includes meeting with coaches, locker room time, practice skating, and warmup skating. Members shall at all times be mindful that they have the responsibility to influence athletes to act ethically, with dignity, and with high moral conduct. No Member shall act in any manner inconsistent with a high standard of ethical and moral conduct. Members shall be advocates for drug-free sport and take an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol, or tobacco abuse by athletes. Members shall not engage in, nor knowingly permit, any athlete with whom they are charged with the responsibility of coaching, to engage in any offense in violation of federal, state, or local law, or laws of a foreign government. Members shall at all times avoid conflicts of interest which can be considered to exist at any time, when the actions of the Member for his or herself or on behalf of an athlete would involve the obtaining of an improper advantage. Members shall not engage in, nor knowingly permit, any athlete with whom they are charged with the responsibility of coaching to engage in any offense in violation of these said policies, including willfully tolerating misconduct of an athlete(s), coach(s), official, and/or volunteer. In order to be compliant with the applicable provisions of the legislative bill S. 534-Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017 as enacted in February 2018, ISI shall endorse and adopt the policies and practices of the U.S. Center for SafeSport program and implement its education and reporting system prior to the start of the 2020-2021 Professional membership registration season.
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Coverage for Liability Insurance is effective: 7/1/2023 – 8/31/2024